A two yearly event for deciding on the strategy of Validation of Prior Learning… worldwide

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The VPL Biennale is a two yearly event. Experts, researchers, policy makers and people interested in VPL come together Newsletter_Icon_transpto discuss current developments in Validation of Prior Learning and present their research, policies, methods and practices.

ALLMEET – VPL in Russia

Tempus_logo_newThe objective of the project is to support the modernization of Higher Education in Russia, enabling educational institutes to play the role of key-actors in promoting actions of lifelong learning on topics not usually debated in Russian society such as migration, intercultural education and human rights in order to increase the degree of community acceptance of minority groups.


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We invite you to share your questions, examples, solutions, problems and ideas within our community. Members of the VPL Biennale Community will receive a free copy of the 2nd Biennale Book in june 2014. Be sure to receive your free copy and click on the button below:

Global VPL Prize 2014: ROCKWOOL

rockwool_prize The Global VPL Prize awards best practices in any imaginable area of VPL each year. It’s the story of VPL and its sustainable impact that counts. The 2014 edition focuses on VPL-stories’ that exhibit The power of VPL.   The Power of VPL is about developing and implementing Validation of Prior Learning in structured environments. The main question was how the nominees were able to strengthen the impact of VPL and dissemination of VPL to other – less structured – contexts. Rockwool is the winner of the Global VPL Prize 2014.


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